Flatware Repairs

Sterling silver forks with fork tines damaged and uneven
sterling silver forks with the fork tines even and polished

Sterling Silver Fork Tines Reshaped and Polished

Fork tines often wear unevenly. The tips get bent and the outer tines are shorter than the two inside tines. For these forks the ends of the tines were filed even, reshaped and given new points. Then the forks were polished. The customer said, "I received the package with the forks.  They are beautiful!  Thank you for your great work."  

Garbage Disposal Damage Repaired

Baby spoon damaged by garbage disposal
Baby spoon repaired and polished after damage from the garbage disposal

Garbage Disposal Damage

This sterling silver baby spoon was very badly damaged from the garbage disposal. It had extensive chew marks and the spoon bowl was dented and misshapen.  I was able to reshape the spoon bowl, but in this case the handle pattern was so badly damaged that a lot of the pattern detail was lost. Most important is the sentimental value. 

 Baby Spoon & Baby Fork Restoration

Baby Spoon after repair and polishing
Baby spoon dented crushed and misshapen


This sterling silver baby spoon handle was misshapen and the bowl of the spoon was bent. The customer said she stepped on the spoon. It was also very discolored from tarnish. The handle had a faint engraved monogram which I worked very hard to preserve.

sterling silver baby spoon repaired with matching fork
sterling baby spoon repaired with patch and matching fork

Sterling Silver Baby Spoon Repaired with Matching fork

The sterling silver baby spoon in the images above arrived broken in two pieces. I soldered the baby spoon back together adding a patch on the back to strengthen the repair. Spoons always break at the same place, right where the handle attaches to the bowl, as you can see in the example below. These are always very challenging repairs. Because the baby spoon was silver soldered it had to be completely refinished and polished to remove fire scale. The sterling baby fork was polished to match. 

Knife Repairs and restoration  



This child's knife with sterling silver handle was a family heirloom but the knife was rusty and looked terrible. In the (top) photo you can see the original knife blade in the sterling handle with the replacement knife above.

The rusty steel knife blade was replaced with stainless steel. The restored knife is shown in the bottom of the photo. The selection of new stainless steel knife blades is limited.

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Sterling handle knife repaired and polished
broken knife with sterling silver handle


Occasionally, the knife blade comes out of the sterling handle. The original stainless steel knife can be reset into the handle using pitch - the traditional material. The joint between the knife and sterling handle will be soldered for a seamless joint. 

sterling silver handled knives with the blades reset in the handles

Resetting Knife Blades in Sterling Silver Handles

All of these knives arrived with the knife blade pushed out of the handle. This is most often caused by putting your sterling handled knives in the dishwasher or soaking your knives in very hot water for an extended period of time.  Never put sterling silver knives in the dishwasher.

To be repaired the knife blade must be removed from the handle and all the pitch removed from the handle to start fresh. The handles are refilled with pitch. I do solder the juncture of the knife blade to the handle for a more attractive finished look.  Then the sterling knife handles are polished.   

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Carving Set Repairs 

Antique mother of pearl carving fork and celluloid handle carving fork 
Antique Carving Forks  Updated


For these antique carving forks, the clip-like fixture on the back was removed as requested by the customer. This modification made these carving forks more usable and more modern in appearance. The original steel carving fork was polished to remove rust and pitting. Extra care was taken to protect the mother of pearl handle (top) and celluloid plastic handle (bottom).

Repair of Antique Silver Flatware 

antique Irish silver spoons bent tarnished
19th century Irish spoons restored


These 19th century Irish spoons arrived with the bowls bent and misshapen.  Old silver is often very thin. I think it is a combination of 150 years of wear combined with the fact that the silver was thinner than modern silver. The bowls often bend at the same place - the widest part of the bowl. I reshaped the spoon bowls and tried to gently work harden the silver at this crucial area, but extra care should be taken when using old silver.



This photo shows five coin silver spoons circa 1820.  These silver spoons were severely dented, dinged, and misshapen from years of use and neglect. The right spoon was actually cracked and bent.

These old silver spoons are always very thin and inherently fragile. They were carefully restored by reshaping the spoon bowls, soldered as necessary to repair the cracks and polished. While I would not normally polish 200 year old silver this shiny, it was necessary because of the severe damage and extensive repair work.

Sterling-silver-jelly-spoon-butter-knife .JPG
sterling silver jelly spoon and butter knife


Extensive damage to sterling silver jelly spoon bowl  was repaired. Unfortunately, the sterling silver butter knife was broken in two pieces. The butter knife was soldered back together adding an attractive patch on the back for additional reinforcement and then polished.

sterling silver spoon broken in two pieces is a family heirloom waiting for repair
Sterling silver spoon arrived broken repaired with patch on the back.

Repair of Sterling spoon that is a family heirloom

This sterling silver spoon is a family heirloom that arrived broken in two parts. Spoons usually break right where the handle tapers and attaches to the bowl. It was soldered back together with a sterling silver patch on the back to reinforce and strengthen the repair.  The patch is attractive, and I was careful not to cover the hallmark on the back.