Replacing knife blades 

 old rusty silverplated knife blades compared to new stainless steel knife 

Compare this new stainless steel blade (top) to the old silverplated steel knife blade (bottom.)
In the photo below, you can see several stages in removing the old knife blades. This is a very messy, dangerous process. It all has to be done one knife at a time.

 removing old silverplated knifes from sterling handles. 

The old silverplate knife blades can not be replated. They must be removed, and replaced with new stainless steel blades.  New stainless steel blades look much more attractive as shown below..

 sterling handles with new stainless steel knife blades

The new stainless steel knife blades are reset in the handles and soldered at the joint of the knife blade and sterling handle. Do not put sterling silver handled knives in the dishwasher. The heat from the dishwasher can loosen the knife blade in the sterling handle.

Contact me about having your old knife blades replaced in your sterling handles.  There are a couple of knife blades styles.