set of sterling silver flatware polished

Polishing Sterling Silver Flatware

sterling silver ice cream spoon tarnished dirty
sterling silver ice cream spoons polished

Sterling silver ice cream spoons (before and after polishing)

Look close, The left ice cream spoons were dirty and tarnished. After polishing it doesn’t even compare. Having your silver polished professionally is a huge difference from what you can do yourself at home.

sterling silver flatware set knives, forks, spoons, polished

entire set of sterling silver flatware polished

Georg Jensen forks and spoons polished

Georg jensen flatware polished

I was extremely careful with this set of Georg Jensen flatware to keep the hand hammered texture.

ten sterling spoons polished

sterling flatware repaired and polished

All of these spoons arrived with damage, some worse than others. While they look great, I compromised between perfection, and keeping the detail in the handle, or thickness of the metal.

antique sterling silver handles steel fork polished

antique Sterling silver handles on steel forks

These three antique sterling silver handles were on steel forks. The steel forks tend to discolor and rust over time. Polishing the steel takes a great deal of time and effort. It is far more difficult than polishing the sterling silver handles.

antique European silver spoons polished

Antique european spoons polished

sterling silver serving pieces polished

sterling silver serving pieces polished