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 Sterling silver knives, forks, spoons, and serving pieces.

Silver Polishing

Have your silver professionally polished.

 Harriete Estel Berman polishing silver

Each spoon, fork, knife, candlestick or silver hollowware object  is polished one at a time with a buffing machine or small one inch buffing wheels.  Buffing compound is applied to the buffing wheel to remove tarnish and scratches. This is hard, dirty work but it will vastly improve the appearance of your sterling silver, silverplate or brass.

A recent quote from a customer said, "Thank you so very much for your superb workmanship! Our candlesticks never have looked so beautiful!

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Polishing Sterling silver 

 Sterling silver teapot, coffeepot, creamer, sugar, waste bowl, hot water and tray polished


This image includes 13 pieces in total including the sterling tray, hot water kettle, two coffeepots, teapot, sugars, creamers, waste bowl, and two baby cups. I polished all this work and returned it to the customer in five days. 

While you can polish your silver at home using a quality silver polish such as 3M Tarni-Shield, the polishing job I can do for you involves significantly more effort, and produces a remarkable transformation.

 Larger Sterling silver bowl polished.

Sterling silver bowl with ELABORATE detail

It doesn't matter whether your sterling silver bowl is big or small, elaborately detailed or plain, I polish everything. 

sterling silver 19th-century pitcher

Sterling silver Tiffany indian influence water pitcher

This elaborately detailed sterling silver water pitcher was dirty and tarnished with old silver polish in the crevices. Clean up started with a good cleaning. I only "polished" the inside edge, smooth sterling and wire details.  This is perhaps most amazing piece I ever worked on. The details of the floral pattern, and elephant had remarkable fidelity.

 Glass plate with sterling silver edge and handle tarnished
 glass plate with sterling silver edge and handle after professional polishing

Glass plate with sterling silver edge and handle

This beautiful blue glass plate has a sterling silver edge with handle. The glass plate is permanently mounted in the frame. The sterling silver was professionally polished very carefully because the risk to the glass plate.  

 Antique Napkin Ring with engraved design was very tarnished
 Antique Napkin Ring after careful polishing 

Antique Napkin ring restored with careful polishing

Even the smallest precious object like this antique napkin ring can benefit by a careful polishing.  The gold plating on the inside was preserved.  The hand engraved design had Niello in the design providing high contrast with the polished silver. Niello is an ancient alloy of sulphur, copper, silver and lead inlayed into an engraved design. 

Removing dents before polishing

 sterling silver Revere Bowl has a dented edge, dent in side and needs polishing
 Sterling silver Revere Bowl after dents removed and polishing

Removing dents before polishing sterling

This sterling silver Revere Bowl arrived with the lip of the bowl dented and another dent in the side. The edge was restored to its original shape and the dent removed.  The bowl was polished to the original highly polished 20th century finish.

 Sterling silver menorah hanukkiah polished

Sterling silver Menorah

This sterling silver menorah was badly tarnished.  A family treasure from the late 19th century or early 20th century,  all it needed was a careful polishing to restore its appearance for the next generation. It has a spun and stamped stem with cast filigree arm structure.

 sterling silver candlesticks with two arms polished

Sterling Silver Candelabra polished

Sterling silver candelabra polished.  Take care when polishing candelabra with arms to use a very gentle touch. Use make up pads and q-tips rather than a cloth to avoid pushing and pulling on the arms. When inserting candles support underneath the candlecup.

Polishing Forks, knives & Spoons

 Sterling Silver forks, knives and spoons professionally polished to restore their appearance.

Forks, Knives and Spoons are called flatware. Polishing is all done by hand and priced per piece. The cost depends on the condition of the flatware and your expectations.  Do you want your flatware polished or completely refinished? 

Polishing Silverplate

 silverplate urn with frozen spigot tarnished
 Silverplate urn polished with the spigot repaired

Silverplate Urn with Frozen Spigot (before and after polishing)

This silverplate urn arrived very badly tarnished and covered with a cloudy film from decades of cigarette smoke. The urn spigot was frozen and stuck. The goal when polishing silverplate is to preserve the plating with a very careful, skillful approach.  Spigots often get frozen from years of dried up crud from coffee or tea. Do not force them as this just bends the handle.  A lot of careful attention, disassembly, repair and reassembly fixed this spigot.  If you have an urn, always run hot clean water through the spigot to remove residue. Perhaps a little olive oil in water will help lubricate the spigot before storage. Rinse again before the next use.  


 Silverplate teapot creamer sugar polished repaired 

silverplate teapot sugar and creamer polished

This silverplate teapot, sugar and creamer were badly tarnished (left photo) The wooden handle on the teapot seemed loose. By replacing the rivets the handle was much firmer. After carefully polishing the silverplate, the faceted design really reflected the light.  The large sugar bowl indicated the customary use of a lot of sugar in tea during the 19th century/ early 20th century.

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 tarnished silverplate tray
 Polished silver plate tray

Polishing 20th century silver plate

Polishing silver plate objects  has an unpredictable outcome. This silver plate tray turned out so great it is hard to tell this is the same tray. If your silver plate is dark or black with tarnish that is a good sign there is enough plating to carefully polish it without new silver plating. Sometimes the silver plating is too worn and it can not be polished. Indications of damaged silver plating are corrosion, a pitted surface, or the plating is worn down to the copper or white metal base material. Send me a photo, and I will offer my best guess about what can be done. 

Polishing brass and tin

 brass menorah hanukkiah from the 19th century

New Mexican Tin Candlesticks Restored

These New Mexican Tin Candlesticks arrived with decades of grimy dust  and dirt.  In addition, they were broken and needed to be soldered back together.  After the repair and hours of buffing with tiny brushes they look amazing.

Brass 19th century Menorah

This cast brass Menorah is a 19th century East European family heirloom. It arrived with bad scratches from removing wax with a knife and the customer wanted to pass this down to her daughter with a renewed appearance.

Additional Polishing Examples