Silver Jewelry Repairs

Silver Native American Bracelet Updated for a modern appearance.

Silver American Indian Jewelry with turquoise is updated for a more modern look.

This silver Native American Indian bracelet with turquoise was inherited by the client, but it was not a style she felt comfortable wearing. The goal was to remove the decorative elements on the side so that this silver bracelet would have a more modern appearance keeping it's sentimental value.  (The bracelet did not have a maker's mark.)

Vintage Silver Charm Bracelet

Sterling silver jewelry vintage charm bracelet with charm to add.

This vintage sterling silver charm bracelet was classic mid-20th century fashion. One of the charms needed to be attached. Each jump ring should be soldered to avoid losing an irreplaceable charm.


Sterling silver cufflinks were repaired back view 

Repairing these sterling silver cuff links included a risk to the stones. Neither the stones or the cuff link mechanism can tolerate heat.  It turned out great, but I always need to explain the risks to the customer.

The challenges of Sterling Silver Jewelry

Repairing sterling silver jewelry always presents unique challenges.  Working on sterling silver is more difficult than working with gold. Most jewelry stores will not even touch silver jewelry. 

If a repair on sterling silver jewelry can be done, I can do it, however, difficulties with repairing sterling jewelry include a risk to the stones, heat transfer when soldering silver, and Rhodium plating. Sometimes, I can come up with innovative solutions to circumvent the problems in repairing sterling silver jewelry.  

An additional concern is that a lot of sterling silver jewelry is inexpensive costume jewelry  or made in third world countries at third world labor prices.  In contrast, when I am working on your silver jewelry,  it is a one-o-a-kind custom work requiring skill and experience.

Send me a photo of your silver jewelry, and we can discuss repair options.