Repairing Athletic Figure Trophies

Athletic Figure Trophy basketball player repaired

RePairing Athletic Figure Trophies Step-by-Step

Repairing Athletic Figure trophies adding internal support

Step one in repairing a trophy

The first step in repairing athletic figure trophies is to add some kind of support for the solder joint. In this situation, I added a small post to align the foot repair and a brass tube inside of the broken leg. (Most athletic figure trophies have hollow legs, arms and torsos which is why they break so easily.)

Repairing athletic trophy ready to solder step 2

Step two in repairing a trophy

In this photo, you can see that the foot alignment is perfect, but the leg doesn’t line up very well. The trophy figure’s leg might have bent when it broke. There is nothing I can do but conceal this misalignment. Figurative trophy metal does not bend without breaking. There is no way to adjust this misalignment without risking further breaks.

After soldering the leg and foot

Step three in soldering a trophy

This photo shows the figurative trophy after soldering, and carving the solder. Carving the solder takes the most time of any step in this type of repair. Hours and hours go into carving the solder so that the repair blends into the clothing, shoes or musculature of the figure. My art background really helps with this step.

First coat of paint repairing an athletic figure trophy

Final step in repairing a figure

Painting takes time and an eye for color. The goal is to blend the repair into the trophy color usually a combination of aged plating and yellowed lacquer. Using a combination of metallic leaf, metallic paint or paint is applied until I get the right combination. It takes several coats of paint to get the right color so the repair blends into the rest of the trophy color which is usually plated, lacquered and aged.