Liturgical Objects Repairs

I frequently repair chalices and communion plates for churches, but rarely took photos. Stay tuned, I will take more photos. In the meantime, look at the examples below.

Brass liturgical candlestick

 brass candlestick dated 1906 bent
brass candlestick straightened date 1906

This brass candlestick dated 1906 arrived bent over. The problem was the the brass was worn thin from over 100 years of polishing and had split at the edges when it bent. It is filled with pitch which is common for many candlesticks. The first request was if I could straighten the candelstick (which I was able to do.)  Fixing the seams of the brass candlestick is very involved and expensive so the more permanent repair was delayed until funds are set aside in the church budget.


Brass liturgical candelabra from a church

 brass liturgical candelabra for church
 brass liturgical candelabra for a church is repaired

Brass church candelstick 1906

This brass candelabra from a local church had a candle cup that would no longer screw into place. It was a easy repair but important to do right away before the parts are lost or damaged.

Silverplate Communion Flagon Meriden Silverplate

The hinge reconstruction on this  Meriden Silverplate Communion Flagon came out fabulous. I wrote a complete explanation of the repair which you can read here. 

Meriden Silverplate is silverplate on white metal. The base metal is brittle and soft.  

Garbage Disposal Damage to KIDDuSH Cup


This sterling silver Kiddush Cup arrived for repair after it was chewed up very badly in the garbage disposal. The photo left doesn't begin to show the extend of the damage because I started working on the cup before thinking that it should be photographed.  It was so chewed up that part of the edge was actually missing. It also was folded over on itself and had several holes along with severe gouges, dings, and damage to the chased and repoussé design on the side.

Frankly, I didn't even want to repair this cup but it held great sentimental value for the customer. Neither the customer nor I were sure that anything could be done to restore the kiddish cup. For this situation, the customer and I agreed to work on it incrementally, investing a moderate amount of money each time, and evaluating the next step. I would work on the cup and document the improvement. Each time the customer agreed to spend more money as this Kiddush Cup was restored. While not perfect, it is water tight, and back to it's original shape.

 sterling silver kiddish cup with broken filigree stem
 sterling silver kiddish cup repaired

This sterling silver kiddish cup had a filigree stem that was ripped and broken off the cup. Restoration of the filigree and soldering it back onto the cup would have cost more than $400 to $500 dollars. The stones on the side of the cup also presented a serious concern. Instead, working with the customer, we came up with a more cost effective solution. Cutting off the damaged stem and fitting the cup into the base was a strong and attractive repair that cost considerably less and the cup is still usable.