Rare or Unusual Repairs
Sterling Silver or Silverplate

Custom Made Screws

Rare 1902 Gavel with custom made tapered sterling silver tip for the handle.

1902 Antique Gavel with Custom Made Tapered sterling silver tip

This antique plastic gavel arrived without the original tip in the end and the handle was cracked. I guess that when the handle of the gavel started to crack the original silver tip fell out. The goal for this gavel was to make a tapered tip to conceal the cracked end and prevent it from getting worse. I added three fine lines at the end of the sterling silver tip to match the three line detail on the handle. This restoration blends so seamlessly with the gavel you would never know it was not original to the gavel.

Custom made sterling silver screw to match

Custom Made sterling silver screw

Unfortunately, there are no replacement parts for sterling silver and silver plate objects. If a screw is lost it has to be custom made to match. One of these screws in the original, the other the replacement part. Can you tell the difference? For a reality check, this one screw cost almost $400 dollars. It takes hours to figure out what is missing, what size screw, thread sterling silver wire, make the faceted nut and the domed top, solder it all together and then polish.


Antique Brass sconce with gilt finish

This antique brass sconce arrived with one arm broken and missing a leaf. I created a post to hold the arm in place, then it was welded. Finally, a leaf was made from brass, and the repair was painted to match the gilt finish.

Silverplate reindeer cast white brass antler repaired

Silverplate deer antler repaired

This silverplated cast brass reindeer arrived with a broken antler. Since the reindeer was quite a large animal, a brass post was inserted into the antler and head holding the antler in the correct position while it was welded. After cleaning up the weld, the decorative marks were recreated in the repair area. There was a slightly different color at the weld area, but after polishing this is not visible except with the closest examination. 

sterling silver pierced lantern from Morocco broken glass and hinge
sterling silver lantern from Morocco repaired

Restoration of sterling silver and glass moroccan lamp

The sterling silver pierced lantern from Morocco arrived with broken glass. Can I take apart the lantern and replace the glass? Will I be able to get it back together? That is usually the hardest task. All objects from foreign countries are very unpredictable requiring experienced guesses and risk.

arts and crafts lamp repair
arts and crafts lamp repaired

Repairing an old Arts and Crafts Lamp

This turn of the century arts and crafts lamp arrived broken at the top. Originally it was silverplate, but all the plating was worn off. It still looks absolutely fabulous with lots of character. I reinforced the top of the pentagon shape so that it was stronger than it was orginally. 

Antique man in the moon metal mirror frame is broken in two
Repair of metal mirror frame with man in the moon holds a child

REPAIRING antique METAL Objects

Repairing antique metal objects is always worth a try if you are willing to invest in the repair. If it can be repaired, I can repair it. Such unusual objects are rarely replaceable.  Send me a photo and I will give you a guesstimate.  I can't make any promises about repairing this antique metal. One never know what they are made out of. but am willing to give it a try.   If I can't do the repair there is no charge. 

Repairing silverplate white metal

silver plate 19th-century card holder broken and bent
silverplate 19th-century cardholder repaired, straightened and polished

Repair of a 19th-century silver plate card holder / Card Receiver

This silver plate card holder arrived taped together so that I would know where to solder the various parts back together (left photo.) The base metal, often referred to as white metal, melts at a temperature very close to the low temperature solder.This requires a great skill. My solder contains silver which provides a good choice for this situation.  After the repair, I straightened out the shapes of the form, and carefully polished the silver plating. It looks fabulous for an object over 100 years old.

Silverplate white metal frame for a glass vase

Repairing Silverplate Frame for a Glass Vase Flower Vase

This silverplate frame held a glass vase. The pot metal was brittle and it had broken into a number of pieces. To conceal the repair, I did all the work on the inside, and added fine sterling wire on the outside to conceal the repair.

Decorative object Repair


Porcelain box with Metal Edge and Hinge

The metal hinge on this porcelain box was broken which is why the customer brought it in for repair. Now that the hinge is repaired, the customer can continue to cherish this memento.

I have never broken anything, but repairing porcelain objects with a metal edge are always at the customers risk. 

Berman cast sterling silver figures

Sterling Silver Figures with painted details

When these cast sterling silver figures arrived at my studio, the original paint was worn and chipped, in some places the paint was almost completely worn off. After documentation of the remaining paint, the figures were cleaned and polished, then repainted by hand.