sterling silver appetizer bread & butter plates polished

Polishing Sterling Silver

The following images are examples of polishing sterling silver with before and after images.   

Glass plate with tarnished sterling silver rim
glass plate with sterling silver rim and handle polished

Glass plate with sterling silver rim and handle (before and after polishing)

This beautiful blue glass plate has a sterling silver edge with handle. The sterling silver rim and handle is permanently mounted to the glass, thus presenting a polishing challenge. I have never broken anything but can not take responsibility when polishing a silver rim on a glass or porcelain plate.

20th century sterling silver candy dish dull with tarnish and dust
20th century sterling silver candy dish after polishing

20th century sterling silver candy dish

sterling silver sugar bowl black with tarnished
sterling silver sugar bowl polished

20th century sterling silver sugar bowl

Antique german napkin ring
Antique German silver napkin ring polished

Antique Napkin ring restored with careful polishing

Even the smallest precious object like this antique napkin ring can benefit by a careful polishing.  The gold plating on the inside was preserved.  The hand engraved design had niello in the design providing high contrast with the polished silver. Niello is an ancient alloy of sulfur, copper, silver and lead inlayed into an engraved design. 

Sterling silver candlestick black with tarnish
sterling silver candlestick polished

Sterling silver candlesticks tarnished and after polishing

When sterling is black with tarnish is is very hard to remove the heavy oxidation by hand. Supposedly these candlesticks also survived a fire 40 years ago. They were in really bad shape beyond what normally happens in storage. Send me a photo of your silver and I will get back to you with an estimate for polishing.

Entire set of sterling silver flatware polished

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