Hinge Repairs

Hinge Repair on Silverplate
Coffeepots and Teapots

Teapot & coffeepot with broken and bent hinges, dents and bent base.
Silverplate Teapot & Coffeepot with hinge repaired, dents removed, base fixed and polished

This silverplate teapot and coffeepot needed the hinges reattached, a new hinge pin for the teapot hinge and dents removed. In addition the base of the coffeepot was bent and cracked. When removing dents in silverplate, I only work on the inside to push out the dents so I don't damage the silver plating. 


Silverplate teapot and coffeepot with the hinge repaired
Silverplate coffeepot and teapot with the hinge broken

Silverplate coffeepots and teapots usually have hinged lids which frequently break in a number of different ways. Sometimes the hinge itself is fine, but the hinge separates from the body or the lid. The hinge can be reattached. It isn't a complicated repair, but there is always risk to the plating as these are usually not the best quality silverplate items. Do not glue the hinge. It won't hold.  

The hinges on silverplate coffeepots are very vulnerable to breaking.
Silverplate coffeepot that had it's hinge repaired and polished.

Hinge Repair on Antique Silverplate

Hinge repair on 19th century silverplate white metal
Hinge repair full view on antique silverplate white metal

Antique 19th century silver plate pitcher with a hinged lid

This antique silver plate water pitcher arrived with the hinge literally ripped out of the body and cracking the metal of the lid as well. This white metal is very soft and melts very easily. To reinforce and conceal the repair, I added sterling sheet under the hinge on the lid (not visible,) a sterling silver patch on the inside of the lid (not visible) and two sterling silver wires on the top rim (shown in the left photo.) The bottom is stamped Columbia Silver Co. Quadruple.

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With silverplate on white metal the hinge often rips out of the side or the hinge sections break. My goal is to repair the hinge as neatly as possible without new silver plating. Very often I use sterling silver to reinforce and conceal the repair which produces a beautiful result. You can see an excellent example of a white metal hinge repair this Meriden Communion Flask. This is a Meriden Silverplate Communion Flagon from 1883. Used regularly by a church, the hinge had ripped from the body.

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Hinge Repair on Sterling silver

sterling silver cigarette lighter hinge worn and broken
Sterling silver cigarette lighter hinge rebuilt restored

Hinge Repair on Vintage sterling silver Cigarette Lighter

This sterling silver cigarette lighter had a hinge that was badly worn and broken.  A hinge section was missing and it was very irregular.  I rebuilt a completely new hinge with five sections of thick walled sterling silver tubing instead of the original four section hinge (left photo.) Five section hinges are more stable distributing the stress on a hinge more evenly.  The customer said, "The lighter arrived, and it is splendid – don’t know how you did it, but I remain very awed and extremely pleased!"

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