Sterling Silver Dresser Set
Comb Repair and Replacement

 sterling silver fitter with broken comb 
 sterling silver comb fitter with new tortiseshell comb replacement

Sterling Silver fitter with comb replaced

The old plastic combs become brittle and often need to be replaced. The plastic comb also keeps the thin sterling silver fitter straight and prevents the seam from splitting.

 Very rare gold comb fitter

Very rare gold comb fitter with new comb

In over 40 years I have only seen one gold comb fitter. The plastic tortoiseshell comb was replaced.

 sterling silver combs come in a wide variety of styles.

Sterling silver dresser combs  

Dresser sets came in a wide variety of styles. The sterling silver fitters are all different. The plastic comb replacements must be filed to fit each sterling silver fitter, then the comb is riveted into place. 

 sterling silver fitter had a split seam at the top

Sterling silver fitter for comb with repair seam

Occasionally, the seam on the sterling silver comb fitter will split. It is better to have this repaired before it gets any worse. It is much easier to repair before it has completely come apart. After the seam was repaired, I riveted in a new comb.

Sterling Silver Fitter for Men's Combs 

 sterling silver men's comb with slim style
 sterling silver men's comb with a new comb replacement

Sterling silver fitter for Men's combs 

Sterling silver fitters for men's combs usually have a slimmer less decorative style. 

 sterling silver fitter for man's comb 
 sterling silver men's comb damaged by bad repair
 sterling silver fitter with damaged edge and very large rivet holes

Man's comb with extensive repair

These photos (above) show over-sized holes and damage to the edge from a previous repair that was poorly done. I rebuilt the edge, and filled in the over-sized rivet holes with sterling silver rod. After this repair was cleaned up, a new plastic comb was fit properly and new small holes were drilled to rivet the comb in place.