Sterling Silver Dresser Set
Comb Replacement and Repairs

Sterling silver dresser sets came in a wide variety of patterns and sizes. The replacement combs come in a variety of sizes but need to be custom fit to the size and profile of each sterling silver comb fitter. This page is dedicated to the variety of gold and sterling silver comb fitters and their repairs.

 Sterling silver comb fitter with a new plastic tortiseshell comb

Sterling Silver comb fitter with stamped design and Art Deco hand engraved initials.

The style of hand engraved initials (in the middle) is a strong indication that this was made in the 1920's or 1930's. 

 sterling silver dresser set comb replaced

Sterling silver comb fitter with stamped engraving

Sterling silver comb fitters were manufactured items sold in stores and catalogs in the 19th and early 20th century.

 gold comb fitter with comb replaced

Very rare gold comb fitter

In over 40 years of doing metal repair work and restoration, I have only seen one gold comb fitter. 

 Sterling silver fitter with decorative comb replacement 

Sterling Silver comb fitter with decorative motif

All combs were stamped in two halves and soldered together with the seam along the spine going end to end. If a seam is starting to split, it is best to repair the comb fitter early before the comb falls apart. Don't wait or this becomes a very challening repair. 

 Sterling silver fitter repaired and comb replaced

Gentlemen's comb fitter with engraving

This slim plain design was generally for a man's comb. This sterling silver comb fitter was poorly repaired at another time. They reduced the height of the comb fitter and drilled gigantic rivet holes. In the photos below you can see the over-sized rivet holes before repair. The notch on the edge was the previous rivet holes. I closed down these gigantic rivet holes with sterling tubing. Then rebuilt the edge on both sides on both ends to restore the appearance of this sterling comb fitter.  You can't even tell this sterling silver comb fitter needed so much restoration work.

 Damaged sterling silver comb fitter before repair
 Sterling silver comb fitter with oversized rivet holes needed repair