Rare Or Unusual Silver, Silverplate & Metal Objects Repairs

REPAIRING antique METAL Objects

Antique man in the moon metal mirror frame is broken in two
Repair of metal mirror frame with man in the moon holds a child

Repairing antique metal objects is always worth a try if you are willing to invest in the repair. If it can be repaired, I can repair it. Such unusual objects are rarely replaceable.  Send me a photo and I will give you a guestimate.  I can't make any promises about repairing this antique metal. One never know what they are made out of. but am willing to give it a try.   If I can 't do the repair there is no charge. 

Repairing silverplate white metal

Silverplate white metal frame for a glass vase

This silverplate frame held a glass vase. The pot metal was brittle and it had broken into a number of pieces. To conceal the repair, I did all the work on the inside, and concealed the repair on the outside with silver wire.

Decorative objects


This porcelain box has a metal frame and hinge. Unfortunately, the metal hinge was broken which is why the customer brought it in for repair. Now that the hinge is repaired, the customer can continue to cherish this memento.

Sterling Silver Figures

Berman cast sterling silver figures

When these cast sterling silver figures arrived at my studio, the original paint was worn and chipped, in some places the paint was almost completely worn off. After documentation of the remaining paint, the figures were cleaned and polished, after which they were repainted by hand.