Flower Vases Repairs

flower vase broken base and dented

This sterling silver trumpet shaped flower vase arrived in two pieces. The trumpet vase was also badly damaged, crushed, and wrinkled. The before photo (right) doesn't even begin to capture how badly wrinkled and dented it was when it arrived. This flower vase originally belonged to the customer's mother and she wanted it fixed so that she could enjoy the memories. 

The objective was not to make this silver vase to look like new. That isn't possible, but with several hours of careful repair I was able to reshape the vase and fluted top. This vase is completely transformed and looks better than I even hoped was possible. After reshaping the vase it was reattached to the base. It is wonderful to continue using an object with sentimental meaning. 

broken sterling silver pierced engraved flower vase

This silverplate pierced and engraved fan shaped flower vase was broken from the base. Someone had also tried to repair it with glue which does not work. No matter what the glue package promises, glue will not be strong enough to repair sterling silver or silverplate. 

The epoxy glue was removed very carefully and the vase soldered back together the same way it was made over 100 years ago. The repair does not even show and the silverplating was not damaged.